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Everything You Need to Know About Rug Bleeding

Oct 4, 2023 | Area Rug Cleaning

Everything You Need to Know About Rug Bleeding

Oriental rugs are valuable and unique additions to your home, enhancing its beauty and character. However, their intricate designs and delicate colors make them susceptible to damage during cleaning. Incorrect cleaning methods or stain removal can cause the colors to bleed, harming their appearance and value. To protect your oriental rug and maintain its beauty, it’s crucial to take care during the cleaning process. With proper precautions, you can clean your rug effectively while preserving its design and colors.


Why Color Bleeding Happens

Several factors can lead to color bleeding during oriental rug cleaning, including:

Non-colorfast natural dyes: Oriental rugs made traditionally often use natural fibers and pigments, which may not be colorfast. Water-soluble dyes, in particular, are prone to bleeding during cleaning, especially with methods like flooding.

Harmful cleaning techniques: Methods like dry cleaning and steam cleaning are unsuitable for oriental rugs and can leave residues that cause dye bleeding and rug damage.

Excessive dye application: If too much dye is used during coloring, excess dye may wash out during cleaning cycles, contaminating nearby areas if not properly stabilized.

Exposure to alkaline substances or high heat: Even with stable dyes, exposure to high heat or alkaline substances used in cleaning and stain removal processes can trigger bleeding and fading.

Pet accidents: Corrosive substances like pet urine can cause dye bleeding if not promptly and correctly addressed.


Preventing Color Bleeding and Fading

To minimize the risk of color bleeding and fading, follow these tips:

Avoid direct sunlight: Protect your rug from UV rays that can fade colors by keeping it away from direct sunlight. If the rug gets wet, use alternative drying methods.

Promptly address accidents: Act swiftly to prevent staining and bleeding by blotting up liquids with white paper towels or cloth. Consult professional oriental rug cleaners for stain removal, avoiding store-bought removers that may harm your rug.

Regular cleaning: Extend your rug’s lifespan and color vibrancy by scheduling annual cleanings with professional experts. They will assess your rug and select the best cleaning method to maintain its integrity and prevent color bleeding.


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